Brief history of the laboratory

Michel JouvetMichel Jouvet


Our laboratory was initially funded and directed by Pr. Michel Jouvet and focused on the neurobiological mechanisms regulating sleep and paradoxical sleep in particular, (INSERM-U52/CNRS-URA1195, Département de Médecine Expérimentale à l’Université Claude Bernard, 1957-1998, then INSERM-U480, 1998-2002, directed by Dr. Raymond Cespuglio). In 2004 we created a new team: “integrated physiology of brain arousal system” focused on the central mechanisms responsible for the physiology and the maintenance of wake (INSERM-U628 directed by Jian-Sheng Lin). Since January 2011, our team is part of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (Team WAKING). Our research is multi-disciplinary and includes fundamental as well as clinical aspects: mouse of models of somnolence and narcolepsy using integrated physiology and state of the art electrophysiology, development of biosensors, pediatric narcolepsy, metabolic consequences of extended wake, molecular-genetics of sleep/wake regulation.  

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