Honors and awards
Karine SPIEGEL :  

2001 "Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award" "recognizes an outstanding research effort by a new investigator in the field of sleep research".


2002 “Belgian Association for the Study of Sleep (BASS) Award" "recognizes an original research related to the field of sleep and sleep medicine".


2005 "Belgian endocrine lecture award" "recognizes yearly the best original national research related to the field of endocrinology".


2007 "Sleep Research Society’s Outstanding Scientific Achievement award" awarded for the impact of the following paper: SPIEGEL K., LEPROULT R., VAN CAUTER E. Impact of a sleep debt on metabolic and endocrine function, Lancet 354: 1435-1439, 1999. “The Sleep Research Society presents this award to individuals based upon novel and seminal discoveries of a basic, clinical or theoretical nature that have made a significant impact on the field”.

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